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The most Influential person


There is always a time when a thought comes into my mind thinking of my life in the past. And yet, there is always this special person that I keep on reminding myself with, that would be my mother. My mother is the most influential person in my life. My mother was born in 1950 at Moscow, Russia. Life at that time for her was tough, the economy was crumbling down, lot of  good neighborhoods struggle to buy just about anything that was on demand, such as food, clothes, and entertainments like music were limited in supplies. My mother still manages to survive within this struggle in her life, by being mentally and physically strong. A few examples of how she manages to enjoy her life in Moscow at the time, was whenever there is a demanding product on the market, such as warm blankets, and pillows, my mother used to get up early in the morning and go to the marketplace on purpose to avoid a huge waiting lines at the cashiers and the possibility of the product being sold out. Another technique my mother used was she had a list of demands separated into categories, which products are necessary to daily life and which are optional. This clearly shows how powerful a mind could be if you use it.

In 1983 I was born along with my brother as fraternal twins. Life as a baby was good, but then my mother started to notice something odd with me, I was not responding to her as she was calling my name.  Finally the whole family came to the realization that I was hearing impaired. I even realized it myself as a small child because I used to always complain I can’t hear what friends and strangers were saying to me. My mother has showed me many ways on how to overcome different obstacles as I was growing up. Things that I have learned from my mother were basic necessary changes that I had to reevaluate and simply change. A good example is when in the beginning as I started my school years in elementary school, I used to be shy to admit that I’m quite not hearing well what the teachers are teaching and it only got worse as more teaching gotten more advanced. My mother advised me to sit down with all the teachers I have issues with and just simply tell them to speak slow and loud. She just told me, “no one is going to help you unless you inform them that you need help” from there and on, I was now more aware of how to overcome my obstacle of being a hearing impaired. And now that I’m writing this essay as a grown up man, I feel energized and happy that I listened to my mother otherwise my life could have gone the bad way.

Back in Russia, for a deaf person to live there could be very frustrating a lot of times. Simply because there wasn’t enough public awareness about deafness and the ignorance about deafness grew rapidly. Not to go into any more details, my mother knew she has to find a way to migrate into America, she wanted to provide the best services and technology available for me and most importantly, she wanted to gain the knowledge about deafness. The more she learned, the better I was living day by day. Unfortunately, life in a new country wasn’t that easy and as a small child still, I began to feel how emotional my mother was at those tough times. It pretty much made sense to me. If a new person didn’t know English it would more likely be a lot tougher then it really should be in life. She worked 8 to 15 hours a day just to have bread on the table. School was out of option because of lack of time. Most of the income was spent from food stamps so we didn’t have lot of tangible things to use in our daily life.

Eventually things started to get better as years went on. I remember being 15 years old, sitting at a table. My mom barged in the kitchen with excitement in her face and voice. I haven’t seen my mother this excited in a very long time. Anyway she announces that she is going to college to learn English and have a career in social works. We all ended up celebrating. She took my hand and gladly told me, “Greg, this is a starting point for me and I’m going to prove it to you that anything could be done no matter how busy and tough life is, and I could finally be able to afford you hearing aids and all the support you’ll need to become an educated man, but you have to promise me, you will do the same for me by being motivated, ambitious and focus on your own future, don’t pretend to be someone else, just be yourself, continue your education till the day you get old.” Right after she said that, I was astonished and made a commitment to my mother I will continue my education and fulfill my life to the highest level of being educated and independent. As I was getting older and older into my late teenage years, one of the main things was I sort of could see that there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel after all.  My mother gotten her college degree in English major, found a great job as a social worker.  I was finally able to wearing hearing aids; I was getting the services I needed to move on to a higher level in my education. That was the most vital thing I needed in my life. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for my mother.

Every morning when I wake up to start a new day, I feel like anything could be achievable as long as you make a commitment to it. By making a commitment, I mean overcoming your obstacles without being shy, scared, embarrassed and so on. Admitting your problems and letting people know around you whatever is it you struggling with, in my case, hearing things is the most and often thing I have a problem with and it goes on all the time in my daily life. Who was actually there to help me during these days? No one I could think of except my mother. My mother made it happen. She proved it to me first before anyone else I know of.  I would follow her guidance and advice for the rest of my life. She was more like a mentor to me; she has given me a lot of wisdom for which I feel grateful today. I just know I’m a better man today then I could have imagine of being if I didn’t follow my mother’s support about having an education like it’s your bloodline.


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